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Andover MA residents and businesses can visit our Tewksbury MA office for all their Notary Public service needs including our convenient mobile notary service. We are a one-stop shop for notarizing important legal documents. Once your documents are notarized, copy and send them where they need to go and save time and money. Convenient location, flexible hours and dependable service.

Some of our services are: administering oaths and attesting to signatures, both important and effective ways to minimize fraud in legal documents. We have two main duties that remain consistent from state to state. Perhaps the most important duty of an Andover MA notary public is attesting to signatures on documents. This duty is important because it aids in minimizing fraud; signature attestation must be done with the notary and the signatory in a face-to-face setting.

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The process of notarizing a signature in Andover MA is simple. The person who wants his or her signature notarized must present sufficient evidence to prove his or her identity and sign the necessary document. The notary completes the process by stamping or sealing, dating, and signing the document.massachusetts-notary

This face-to-face procedure helps ensure the authenticity of the signature. Don’t forget to bring your ID. A Massachusetts Notary Public is a public officer and servant appointed under authority of law with power, among other things, to execute the above-listed authority on behalf of the Commonwealth.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the notary is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of his council. As set forth in Article IV of the Articles of Amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth, a person commissioned as a notary public may perform notarial acts in any part of the Commonwealth for a term of seven years, unless the commission is earlier revoked or the notary resigns.

In Massachusetts, a notary public has the same authority as a district court judge in issuing a subpoena or summons to compel a witness to appear before the notary to testify. In addition, when you appear before a notary public and take an oath or affirmation, the oath or affirmation is as powerful as if it were made before a judge. If a person is found to be lying while under oath, he or she may be charged with perjury, which is a serious criminal offense. Andover Notary Public. 

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